Project and Test Management

  • Development of knowledge intensive products
  • Coordination of development teams
  • Advanced versioning
  • Creation of projects and project iterations (versions)
  • Maintenance of customer requirements within requirement specifications
  • Product breakdown into reusable technical components within technical specifications
  • Definition of test cases with permutations of input parameters
  • Linking of test cases to requirements and technical components
  • Semi-automatic execution of tool-supported test cases
  • Visualization of test coverage of customer requirements
  • Generation of printable reports
  • Keep development process data in the same place across all projects
  • One-click test case execution with automatic import of test results
  • Scheduled test case execution
  • Support for error analysis by relating test results to test input parameters
  • Instant detection and visualization of changes made by team fellows
  • Detection of expired test case results due to meanwhile change of input parameters
  • Comparable project iterations: which changes have been applied since last release?
  • Browse change histories of data relevant to the product development process